BHB Beauties


Kellie, Brisbane


L. The Florence Wig


Kellie, how does one put into words the positive impact she has had on the world of hairloss. Spreading positive messages + constant words of encouragement, Kellie is so kindhearted and we are so GRATEFUL that she loves our wigs! 


Hattie, United Kingdom

26" Premium Remy Wig

Light Density

Silk Top + Lace Front

Light Density

Listen to Hatties BBC Interview LIS


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The Natalie.PNG

Natalie, USA

13" Luxury European Wig

Light Density

Silk Top + Lace Front


I wore the  extra grippy silicone cap from The BHB and my hair did not go flying with the windy beach! It’s so important to feel comfortable with what topper or wig you are wearing so you don’t spend the whole time worrying about what your hair looks like. Beach day was a success 👍🏻😁🌴


Kim Dubs, Australia

16" Luxury European Wig

Light Density

Silk Top + Lace Front


The second I put this wig on I felt like the old me had returned, it was such a sense of familiarity and nostalgia
Actually, old photos of me from when I was getting a full head of blonde foils, was the colour inspiration for this wig!
To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting the colour to look this good.... I was genuinely SHOOK at how incredible the blonde turned out 😭💕 The thing I love the most is that I actually don’t have any of my hair tied back, the wig clips on much like a topper and allows me to blend so easily



16" Luxury European Wig

- Silk Top + Lace Front 
- Light Density
- Colour: The Chloe

"Well my beautiful wig arrived yesterday.


It’s amazing how fast it travels around the world. So I love the density.

The cap fits perfectly. I love the length and colour overall".


Jo, Sydney

22" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front 
- Light Density
- Platinum Blonde with Ash Roots + Lowlights

"I just wanted to say a long overdue heartfelt thank you for everything you have done over the last couple of months. I am so happy with my new hair and I literally would be miserable without it. I’m so glad I found you guys. You’ve bent over backwards to help me get the right wigs. I can’t thank you enough."


Lisa, Brisbane


18" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- Light Density
- The Lisa

"💛 There are so many horrible things that come with a cancer diagnosis and there are so many amazing things as well. I’ll forget all the horrible side effects, sickness and pain but I’ll never forget the LOVE, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT from my family and friends. The added bonus is the incredible people I’ve met who have stumbled across my social media, I’m making special friendships and connecting with others going through similar battles which is just amazing"


Nicole S, Melbourne



14" Luxury Virgin European Hair Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- Colour #2 Base Custom Highlights 

"From making an appointment from Melbourne, flying into Sydney to trying on 20+ wigs and having the best customer service - I truly can’t thank The Beautiful Hair Boutique more. Holly was so welcoming and thoughtful, she made me feel completely comfortable and excited for this new chapter in my life.
I found my perfect piece and am soooooo in love with my new hair - it’s given me so much confidence and I feel sooooo beautiful!!"


Keri, Tasmania

16" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front 

Ultra Light Density

Ash Blonde w/Roots

"Getting more and more comfortable with it and so thankful I made this decision.😍🎀


Thank you, you're so kind and encouraging, made this journey so much easier for me:


Jess T, Melbourne



18" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- Auburn Balayage (The Teiken)

"The team at BHB are phenomenal - as an interstate customer requiring a custom size, they made sure I was treated with care and support as much as their in-salon experience. I received frequent updates on my piece's progress and shipping, and my wig is absolutely gorgeous. True luxury item and experience, I won't be shopping anywhere else for my wigs."


Tash, Melbourne


13" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- The Tash

"I’m beyond grateful to Sarah and her team for the exquisite custom coloured wig made for me. The entire process was nothing but complete ease, comfort and professionalism. Finding high quality alternative hair in Australia has been difficult, but BHB are changing lives with the service they offer. Thank you so much Sarah, Holly & team - I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the BHB family."


Mel, Sydney

20" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front 
- Ultra Light Density
- Custom Bronde

"Thank you to all the wonderful staff at The Beautiful Hair Boutique who served me yesterday. I am quite self conscious about my thin hair and the team made me feel so comfortable (and beautiful) as I selected my first wig. I’ve used clip in extensions for years and I WISH I had discovered this amazing store sooner. My new wig is so much more natural and comfortable! Plus, I’ve been getting compliments left, right & centre. People cannot believe this is a wig. Thank you, I can not recommend you guys enough x."


Linda, Toronto CANADA

14" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- Light Density
- Balayage

"It's amazing how your pieces look exactly like my biohair!!! I absolutely love my wig and hair wraps 😍


Thank you again for the amazing service & quality of hair. The hair is so soft!"





18" Luxury Virgin EuropeanWig
- Silk Top+ Lace Front
Standard Density
Custom Colour - The Shannon

Shannon has multiple BHB wigs & we absolutely adore when she comes in and plays around the famous wig room! Sunshine in human form, Shannon is a hairloss advocate, proudly wearing her BHB pieces both on a off the stage. 


Kat, Sydney


20" Luxury Virgin European Wig
- Silicone Hand Tied Cap with lace
- Standard Density
- Colour #8

"The beautiful hair boutique are amazing at what they do. If you are shy about your hair loss they are perfect at being able to handle this there’s no pressure, it’s a very relaxed environment, they have a great private room for trying on wigs or toppers.

..continued below.


Kat, Sydney


14" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front​

- Standard Density

- Light Brown w/Blonde Babylights

All of the ladies that work there are amazing and have a thorough knowledge of what they’re talking about when it comes to wigs and toppers I’ve brought both from them and their customer service and after care is amazing"


Sharon, Sydney

22" Luxury Virgin European Hair Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front 

Standard Density

Colour #4 Virgin Hair

"The emotional roller coaster that comes with breast cancer, chemo and to loose one’s femininity and identity is traumatic!!
You have restored my confidence with your stunning wigs and your gorgeous patience.

Now I have the most beautiful mane of hair and better than I had before. So much my friends are envious. Love your products so much I have 2, one for work and one for play. I know I will wear for years to come.
Thank you for making me feel me again 🎀":

Helen blonde wig

Helen, Sydney

22" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- Light Density
- Balayage

That's my new hair guys and I absolutely love it, its stunning! Im so happy to have met Sarah and her team, they have made me feel and look so amazing and special!


Alopecia, who cares! I actually don't want my own hair to grow back, I feel fabulous!


Can't wait to get another look! 

I'm so proud and so happy and fortunate to have met you guys!  You've made my life beautiful again! 


Shree, Rural NSW

10" Luxury European Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- Light Density
- Base #6

Arranged completely virtually, Sheree took her new BHB wig straight out of the box to send us these FABULOUS photos!

Her smile says it all... we feel so lucky that we were able to create such a gorgeous custom cut for our gorgeous client Sheree!

lauren rowe 2.jpg
lauren rowe.jpg

Lauren, NSW

16" Luxury European Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- Light Density
- Colour: Base#6 
with warm red lowlights & blonde highlights

"I am absolutely loving it! 

I love the colour! I am encouraging other recipients who are loosing hair to not feel shame around it. Sharing is so important"


Rebecca E, United Kingdom

14" Luxury European Topper
- Silk Top 
- Colour: Custom Blonde
(Rebecca supplied images to us & we matched based of these!

"One year later and I'm still LOVING her! 

I am still finding new ways to wear it and I
can also wear her all off my face
by moving the part.
Thank you!"

IMG_6103 (1).jpg
IMG_6098 (1).jpg

Laura M

14" Luxury European Wig
- Silk Top
- Colour: #24 Custom


 "I received my piece on Friday and it is absolutely perfect. The colour and length are exactly what I wanted and it's so soft and comfortable to wear. I've attached a few photos so you can see what it looks like on me.


Thank you so much for making the whole process of ordering interstate so easy. I was a little worried spending so much money on something I had never even seen in real life but honestly I am so happy now and know it's worth every cent!


Clare H, Melbourne

14" Luxury European Wig
- Silk Top
- Colour: Custom Request


"I really love it!  

When you have a few false starts with wigs you worry you’re never going to find one that’s close to normal.  I am very grateful that you have your business and you understand completely what I am talking about. 


For the first time since I’ve lost my hair, I feel normal (actually a bit better as my hair wasn’t as lovely as this!")

BabyTeeth 40 MILLA A088C019 18152813 (1).jpg
BabyTeeth D8  Lisa Tomasetti-40 (1).jpg

Movie: BabyTeeth

BHB Beauty Eliza

22" Premium Remy Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front

- Light Density
- Colour: Ash Blonde



IMG-2404 (1).jpg



14" Luxury European Wig
- Silk Top
- Colour: Custom Request


"I received my hair today, and I absolutely love it!!!


The cap, the color it is fabulous. I can’t even believe it!


I’ve been working with it on styling some. I’m so glad I found you. Thank you!!! . 

DE5747B8-F019-46B8-95B8-8F0A39E32DF1 (1).JPG
IMG_2217 (1).jpg

Brittany, USA


18" Luxury European Wig
- Silk Top + Lace Front
- Colour: Custom Request


unnamed (4).jpg

Ashely W

16" Premium Remy Hair Wig

-Ultra Light Density
- Colour: Custom Bronde

- Silk Top with Lace Front

How GORGEOUS does BHB Ash look!


Christina B, QLD

18" Premium Remy Hair Wig

-Ultra Light Density
- Custom Medium Brown

- Silk Top with Lace Front

The colour is gorgeous and the way it melts through!!  (please thank your hairdresser for me). It fits nice and snug too. I'm wearing it with my hair out at the moment while I figure out how to fold it under but I like that I can blend it in my biohair.

Thank you!

Amy Bradshaw.png

Amy B,  VIC

16" Premium Remy Hair Micro Topper

-Ultra Light Density
- Dark Brown

- Swiss Lace Base

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the team. The delivery arrived just in time for a wedding and I felt like a new person having luscious locks to rock on the night!! The colour is absolutely perfect too! "

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