How do I visit The BHB?

The Beautiful Hair Boutique is located at Shop 4, 211 Ben Boyd Road, Neutral Bay NSW 2089.
Alternatively, we offer virtual appointments for our Interstate + International Beauties.
To make an appointment click here​

What makes Beautiful Hair Boutique the #1 destination for the best quality hair on the market?

Aside from helping thousands of women regain their confidence and feel beautiful again, we offer only the highest quality hair available on the market. With clients all over the world, it's no wonder why The BHB is Australia's No.1 destination for quality wigs + toppers. We work with the most amazing wig makers and source the highest quality hair to ensure our clients only have the best! Our team of master hair colourists and stylists will then completely transform your human hair wig or hairpiece to suit you! We offer over 25+ years industry experience and our team of supportive and friendly hair loss experts are with you on this journey. The BHB has partnered with the world’s very best hair manufacturers and we have buyers on the ground sourcing our amazing hair. Our virgin European Hair partner has been collecting hair for over 30 years and boasts the largest established stockpile of virgin European hair in the world. Chances are if it's any other destination, it is not real virgin European hair. We guarantee you will receive the world’s very best Virgin European Hair at The Beautiful Hair Boutique in Australia.

What types of hair do you have available?

We offer only the highest quality human hair. Carrying both the world’s best 100% Luxury Virgin European Hair and also a Premium Remy. Both have been ethically sourced and triple quality tested.

What is Luxury Virgin European Hair?

Luxury Virgin European hair is the highest quality, most beautiful and natural hair available on the market. Why? Because it has never been processed or coloured, it has been left in its natural colour and texture. This hair is soft, fine and will move and react like your real hair. ​​

What is Premium Remy Hair?

Premium Remy hair is a high quality grade of hair however it offers a more attractive price point then Luxury European hair. The Beautiful Hair Boutique uses only the finest quality 100% Premium Remy hair, which is hair with the cuticle in tact. This hair has been gently pre-coloured to achieve the most stunning colours available. The texture of the hair itself is slightly coarser than the European option but still a smooth finish.

How does Luxury Virgin European Hair differ from Premium Remy Hair?

100% Luxury Virgin European hair has never been put through any chemicals or conditioners where as our Premium Remys as pre coloured Mongolian hair. The cuticles in both types are all left intact making the hair aligned in one direction, this will also mean less tangling. Virgin hair will also retain its stunning shine and soft texture wash after wash.

What makes the BHB different?

With over 25+ years industry experience, our team of friendly professionals are here to assist throughout your entire journey. Starting with our one on one consultations (instore or virtual) through to a custom cut & style with one of our experience stylists. The Beautiful Hair Boutique offers an all inclusive luxury wig experience throughout!
Your beautiful new wig includes the below extras:
Custom Wig fitting with size adjustments Custom cut and styling to suit you! BHB Wig Stand BHB Wig Grip - your choice of Velvet or Silicone BHB Hair Brush BHB Wig storage travel box to carry your new hair.

How do I know what size & cap construction is right for me?

There is no wrong cap construction for you, it's whichever feels the best for you! Traditionally speaking, silicone is used for complete hairloss & a combination of clips & combs is best for partial hairloss. If you are under going treatment - a mixture of the two might work best for you. We offer ongoing fitting services throughout your wig or toppers life, as it's important it fits securely & comfortably at all stages.

Do you sell Synthetic Hair?

At The Beautiful Hair Boutique we specialise in selling only the finest quality real human hair. As such we do not offer any Synthetic hair options. Synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces also have a significantly lower life span of only 3-6 months.

I've seen cheaper human hair online, why would I go to The BHB?

There is so much out there in terms of options & information about alternate hair so it’s always a good idea to do you research and know what you are buying. Unfortunately human hair can be sourced in some pretty unethical ways – this includes sweeping hair off the floor in beauty salons and temples all around the globe. Often these cuts are bunched together and then give an acid bath, bleached, recoloured & sold as human hair.

At The BHB – we only ethically source & supply the highest grade quality human hair. All cuticles are intact and there hasn’t been any processing. This ensures that your beautiful new piece remains amazing for longer.

Can I make a wig out of my hair before treatment?

Unfortunately this isn’t something we can do.
On average it takes 4-6 heads of hair to make one wig.

Do you take donations of hair?

No. We can recommend contacting Variety or AAAF if you wish to make a donation.

What is the cost for delivery?

We offer FREE worldwide shipping on all wigs and hairpieces via DHL.
View our delivery information here.

I no longer need my wig, do you buy them back?

We love all our BHB Beauties to have brand new hair so we can recommend the following if you wish to part with your piece.
- Donate your wig to your local hospitals wig library!
- Contact the Cancer Council

​Sell your piece:
Due to the BHB being renowned worldwide for high quality hair, they maintain their value well(as long as you have taken the best care of it!) - Silk or Lace - Trading Tress

​How long will delivery take?

Our hair will generally ship within 5-7days depending on your requirements. If your item requires additional customisation from our hair stylists, please allow and additional 7-10 business days. All BHB Wig + Topper orders are sent free of charge via DHL Express with tracking.
Once your order has been sent you will be emailed the tracking details.

Can I exchange my wig or topper?

At The Beautiful Hair Boutique your happiness is our absolute number one priority!

If for any reason you are unhappy with your beautiful hair purchase, we will happily exchange or offer you a
store credit to be used in conjunction with the following Terms & Conditions. We understand it can be difficult making your purchase online, so we advise contacting us via phone or email to discuss your requirements prior, this way we can ensure the perfect BHB piece has been selected. Alternatively, you can visit our flagship Sydney salon to view our range and place your order.
View our return policy here.

How long will my wig or topper last?

This ALWAYS depends on how well you look after it!
Hair is a delicate fibre and as such, needs to be treated with the utmost care. Making sure you are avoiding direct sunlight onto the pieces for extensive periods of time, using only salon quality products, following the care instructions and asking us if you're unsure.

Can I go to the gym in my hair?

YES! We have clients who wear their hair to the gym, cross-fit, netball and various other highly active scenarios. It's important to keep in mind that the hair might tangle or require some hydration after these activities so please ensure you give it a gentle wash after activities & follow the care instructions.

Can I swim in my wig?

YES! Whilst you can wear your piece swimming, chlorine may damage the hair so it's important to keep in mind that this will lessen the lifespan. Make sure you wash it out under clean, fresh water after going swimming. Alternatively you can use an old wig / cheaper wig and throw a hat on it.

Why will my wig wear down over time?

Whilst the utmost care is taken in the making of our wigs. hair is a very delicate and fragile fibre. Its not uncommon that overtime they will shed (much like your bio hair) and so unfortunately, they do not last forever. Things to keep in-mind are not putting anything on to tightly, not scratching at all, not pulling on it.
Example: If you wear a headband, make sure it's not too tight!

Can I sleep in my wig?

It's a personal choice - It is not recommended to sleep in your wig as it causes friction on one side of the piece however you still can - it will just lower the lifespan of the hair.

Can I claim money back from my healthfund?

In Australia, wigs are eligible for a rebate from most private healthcare funds. At The BHB we supply tax invoices outlining your wig is for medical reasons and this can be provided to your health fund. If your health fund also provides you with an item number, this can be added to your invoice.

Are there any financial grants available?

YES! Please check our Financial Assistance for Wigs page as this varies from state to state.

How do I wash my wig?

A full list of care instructions are provided too you with you beautiful new purchase. Alternatively, you can visit our Care Instructions page.

​Styling - how often will I need to style the hair?

Your beautiful new wig will be salon styled when you receive it. Although styling in alternate hair lasts longer than on bio hair, this will need to be redone whenever the hair washed.
Usually every 10-14 days.

When I brush my new wig, some hairs are coming out, is this normal?

YES! The pieces will shed over time. This is normal, just like if you were brushing your own hair! If you are worried, you are welcome to contact us.

I received my wig, but I think it is still too much hair - what do I next?

It's important to settle into the hair before making any decisions. Once you make those changes like cutting, the hair will not grow back. We can absolutely take weight out of wigs and thin them out. Our team expert stylists can advise you if you have any questions. If you're sure - you can make a booking here.

How do I know what hair is right for me?

This will depend mainly on your budget and what style of hair piece you would like. Please contact us or book a consultation and we will happily guide you through your options, based specifically on your personal needs.
To make an appointment click here

Can I colour my wig?

YES - We recommend having our team of stylists do this for you. We offer colour consultations to dicuss options & the best approach. As a general rule of thumb, premium remy hair can not be lightened in colour, it can only be deepend. Luxury European hair, as it is received in a virgin state, has endless colour and styling flexibility.

Can I create a custom wig?

YES - We recommend utilising our complimentary consultation appointments to dicuss this. We can create a custom piece based on your specific needs & requirements.

Still unsure?
Take advantage of our complimentary consultations to find the best piece, based on your personal needs + requirements