Frequently Asked Questions

How to I visit The Beautiful Hair Boutique?


The Beautiful Hair Boutique is now open! View our range online or book a private consultation at our flagship Sydney salon. Located at Shop 4, 211 Ben Boy Road Neutral Bay. Our flagship salon has a beautiful selection of our human hair wigs and hair pieces, in a range of stunning colours and styled.

Book a consultation in store or via skype/facetime.



What types of hair do you have available?


At The Beautiful Hair Boutique we have different hair options available to cater for our different clients requirements and budgets. Whilst we pride ourselves on offering the world’s best 100% Virgin European Hair, we understand this isn’t always affordable. As such we have also sourced the best in pre-coloured 100% remy human hair.



What is Virgin European Hair?


Virgin European hair is the highest quality, most beautifully soft hair available on the market. Why? Because it has never been processed or coloured, it has been left in its natural colour and texture. This hair is soft and fine and will move like your real hair. At the Beautiful Hair Boutique we pride ourselves in offering you the absolute best hair available in the world, we do this through our range of Virgin European wigs, topettes and other hair pieces.



What is Remy Human Hair?

The Beautiful Hair Boutique uses only the finest quality 100% remy human hair, which is hair with the cuticle in tact. This hair has been gently pre-coloured to achieve the most stunning colours available. Our remy hair reacts the best to humidity due to the way the colour has been processed. Our premium remy hair provides a more affordable option in a range of on trend colours including balayage, ombre, rooting and more.



How does Virgin European Hair differ from Remy Human Hair?


Virgin European hair is the most beautiful hair available and primarily differs from virgin remy hair as it is naturally fine and soft in texture, as opposed to remy hair which can be slightly more coarse. 100% Virgin European hair has never been put through any chemicals or conditioners. The cuticles in both types are all left intact making all the hair aligned in one direction, and will also mean less tangling. Virgin hair will also retain its stunning shine and soft texture wash after wash.



What is Synthetic Hair?


At The Beautiful Hair Boutique we specialise in selling only the finest quality real human hair. As such we do not offer any Synthetic hair options. Synthetic hair offers a look and feel quite similar to our human hair options, however synthetic wigs will have less styling ability and will not look or feel as natural as human hair. Synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces also have a significantly lower life span of only 3-6 months.



Why not processed cheap human hair found online?


Ever thought, I can find a wig online thats real human hair and its a bargain? With human hair at The Beautiful Hair Boutique, you do get what you pay for. Heavily processed non-remy hair is usually swept off the floor of beauty salons in places like China or India. The cuticles of the hair are then not in tact and running in the same direction so makers will remove the cuticles in an acid bath. The black pigments of the hair then need to be bleached and dyed to create an assortment of colours to that imprecisely match Caucasian hair colours. Because the cuticles have been removed during this process, the hair becomes brittle, dry, and loses its entire luster after just a few washes. This option is therefore not available to purchase through the BHB as we only supply the world’s most beautiful human hair, to ensure you always get the very best quality.



What makes Beautiful Hair Boutique the #1 destination for the best quality hair on the market?


Our virgin European hair is 100% unprocessed and the best available on the market. It has been ethically sourced from Europe and our hair has been cut directly from one ponytail (not a mixture) so that it will stay beautifully soft and keep its natural movement. We work with the most amazing wig makers and source the highest quality hair to ensure our clients only have the best! Our team of master hair colourists and stylists will then completely transform your human hair wig or hairpiece to suit you! 



How do I know that I am getting 100% real virgin European hair?


The BHB has partnered with the world’s very best hair manufacturers and we have buyers on the ground sourcing our amazing hair. Our virgin European Hair partner has been collecting hair for over 30 years and boasts the largest established stockpile of virgin European hair in the world. Chances are if it's any other destination, it is not real virgin European hair. We guarantee you will receive the world’s very best Virgin European Hair at The Beautiful Hair Boutique in Australia.



How do I know what hair is right for me?


This will depend mainly on your budget and what style of hair piece you would like. Please contact us or book a consultation and we will happily guide you through your options, based specifically on your personal needs.

Do you carry wigs and toppers in stock to purchase on the day?

Yes! We carry an extensive collection of full wigs and hair toppers in a range of different colours and lengths. We understand how important it is to be able to try on the wigs and toppers so we aim to have a great selection in store. If there is something specific you are after, we offer full custom wig and topper options. 

Do you offer custom styling on the wigs and toppers?

Yes! All of our pieces will be custom cut and styled by our in house hair dressers.

We offer full salon services 6 days per week. Bookings are required. For full services offered click here

How can I find a look I found on Instagram?

It's simple! Send us a photo of the wig or hair topper you have seen on Instagram or Facebook and we can recommend the best option for you or guide you to how to purchase that particular piece.

How do I know what cap size is right for me?


If you are purchasing in store we will fit your wig and make sure the cap size is snug and secure on your head. We also understand that hair loss can change, so we offer complimentary fittings on all wigs throughout your hair loss journey. If you are purchasing online we will work with you via email/phone to determine which is the correct wig cap size for you.



Can I sleep in my wig or hair topper?

We do not recommend sleeping in your wig as it will put additional pressure on the piece and will significantly reduce its life span. However we do understand in some situations our clients are not comfortable sleeping without their wig on so we just ask you to keep in mind you may need to replace your wig sooner.

Can I swim in my wig or hair topper?

Yes, you can swim in the wigs and toppers however we would advise using against this as the chemicals and/or salt can dry out the hair. If you wish to swim in the hair we would suggest washing the hair after it has been in the chlorine or salt water. If want to swim or go to the beach in your human hair wig or topper, we would suggest using an older wig for this purpose.

Can I exercise in my wig?

Absolutely! You can exercise in any of our wigs or hair toppers. For women and kids with full hair loss we would recommend our silicone gripper cap for the ultimate in wig security. If you are a regular at the gym and/or exercise often we suggest rotating wigs and having your "exercise hair" and your "good hair" so you don't wear the pieces out too quickly. Our lightweight Ponytail Wigs are perfect for exercise and can easily be pulled back into a ponytail.

Is it better to have more than one wig?


If you are a full time wig wearer then yes it is always better to rotate multiple wigs to avoid putting too much pressure on the one piece and extend the life span of your wigs and/or hair toppers. 



How do I make my wig look natural?


We customise each wig or hair topper to suit you! Everyone has their own unique hair style and it is important to match your wig to suit you. Our advanced wig stylists use the specific cutting techniques to ensure your wig looks natural and is framed to suit your face. If you have some of your natural hairline, this can also be incorporated into the styling of your wig or topper. The type of hair and cap construction play a major part in how natural the wig looks and at The Beautiful Hair Boutique we offer the best technology in wig cap advancements and the most incredible hair to give your hairline a soft and natural look.

How do I care for my new human hair wig or topper?

We have put together a detailed list of care instructions so you can maximise the lifespan of your new hair. 

Click here - to view our full care instructions.

How do I was my wig or topper?

We have put together a step by step guide on how to wash your human hair wig or hair topper from The Beautiful Hair Boutique. It is important to make sure you wash the hair correctly so you can maintain your piece.

Click here - to view our guide on how to wash wigs and toppers

What is the cost for delivery?

We offer FREE worldwide regular shipping on all wigs and hairpieces. For express deliveries please contact us as additional shipping rates may apply.

How long will delivery take?

Our hair will generally ship within 5-7days depending on your requirements. Please allow additional time for custom hair pieces.

What is your returns policy?

For our full returns policy - click here

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