• Sarah Christian

4 tips to selecting a great wig for kids

As a child hair loss is something extremely difficult to come to terms with. Just as you are establishing who you are, a little part of you is taken away. Just like that, with no real reason. Having lost my hair at age 7, I know from experience what it is like to wear a wig as a young kid and teenager and have come up with a 4 step children's wigs checklist to help your child feel as secure as they can in their wig.

1. Hair Quality - making sure the hair is beautiful and natural looking should be top of the list. Human hair wigs will give your child flowing, natural hair that is as close as possible to their natural hair. If your child has fine hair, you do not want to move them into a harsh synthetic hair wig.

2. Security - as a kid we spend our times running around, jumping in and out of the swimming pool, playing sport, doing cartwheels and so much more that we need to make sure the wig will stay on securely. It is paramount. We recommend if your child suffers from complete hair loss such as Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis that you select a wig that has a silicone or gripper base. The silicone will grip to the scalp to ensure it is on nice and tight. If your child has some hair, then make sure you choose a children's wig that can be adjusted to secure the wig onto the head. For additional security you can use a wig grip and/or use the wig clips to secure to any existing natural hair.

3. Hairline - the quality of the hair line will determine how natural looking the wig will appear. Make sure you shop around for the best hair lines.

4. Lightweight - in Australia we live in a warm climate and want to make sure our kids don't get too hot in their wigs. A lightweight and breezy wig will help them to stay cool during the warmer months.

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