There are so many hair options! How do I choose?

The process of purchasing your first, second or even tenth wig or hairpiece can seem overwhelming and often you can be lost in a sea of choices with no idea where to begin... Does this sound like you? That's ok, this is completely normal and this is why we are here! To help find YOU the perfect wig or hairpiece that 100% suits YOUR needs!

Here are some of my hot tips I have learnt along the way. And let me tell you it has been a 'long way' having had several different types of hair along my 25 year journey.

Let's break it down...

1. What kind of Budget do you have to work with?

Whilst I have scouted the globe to find the finest quality virgin European hair, I understand this does not fit all budgets so I have sourced hair that will fall into three different pricing brackets to accomodate all budgets. Our synthetic hair options can start from only a couple of hundred dollars, our mid range beautiful remy human hair wigs will range from $1-3k and our premium virgin European hair wigs will start from $3k and will go up depending on your requirements. NB: Pricing listed above is based on full wigs. and yes, we can customise your hair for you.

2. How long do you anticipate you will need the hair?

There are varying forms of hair loss, each of which will have different time frames. I know for me, Alopecia is a tricky one and any day the hair could come back or it could take years. If you only need a short term wig or hair piece then synthetic may be a great option for you. Our synthetic hair can last up to 4 months, if you treat them well. I personally have human hair wigs, which with the right care can last 12+ months.

3. How long do you want your hair?

If you are like me, I absolutely love having the longest hair there is available. Why? I figure if I am going to ride this rollercoaster of hair loss then I better ride it with the best. And to me the best is the longest, although it hits me with the price tag! So this is something to consider, if you want the long hair and don't have a huge budget then our beautiful synthetic and remy human hair options may be the best for you!

4. What type of hair do you want?

Whilst some of us aren't fussy, some of us want silky smooth straight hair or a particular curl or wave. At The Beautiful Hair Boutique I aim to have as many options available this but what type of hair can impact your decision. If it is ditching the frizz you are after, you can't go past our premium virgin European hair as this is completely unprocessed and sourced from the best of the best so you can say good bye to bad hair days and hello to perfect hair. And they say money can't buy happiness, wink!

I know, I know there are so many options available so I hope this has helped shed some light into the choices available. If you are located in Sydney, stay tuned for our Salon opening dates, if you are based interstate, overseas or would just like to have a chat please call us and I will happily discuss your options with you! That's what I am here for, to make this journey as pain free and enjoyable as possible for you. The journey you are on is already a hard one, and trust me I feel you!

Contact me, we would love to hear your story and how I can help!

Sarah xx

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