I am a sports fanatic! But how does this work with a human hair wig?

Womens Human Hair Wig with Silicone base for high impact sports

Never fear, silicone is here! For years I have battled with the bases on human hair wigs, they are too hot, they slip and then there is the constant fear that they will just come straight off when someone goes for the accidental head knock in a game of netball.

Well there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. I have found my perfect pal, the ponytail wig with a super secure silicone base. HALLELUJAH

I didn't think the day would come where silicone would be my saviour, but with this beauty it has been a game changer. While looks can be deceiving the base isn't as heavy loaded with silicone as the Follea Gripper Sport range but trust me you need to try this! I played my first game of netball a few weeks back, and it exceeded