Celebrities wear wigs too

For years there has been a certain stigma around wearing wigs, and now ladies wigs are less associated with some form of medical condition but also a desire to re-create your hair look with the help of a human hair wig or lace front wig. Celebrities always lead the way in beauty trends and wearing wigs is no different. I am loving these wigs on the starts, check out our photo blog.

Supermodel and actress Tyra Banks has been pictured multiple times wearing a lace front wig. You can re-create this natural hair line with a lace front human hair wig as the lace allows for you to blend in with your make up.

Tyra Banks Lace Front Wig

Lady Gaga is the queen of pop and matches her wigs to her style which is ever changing. Gaga has admitted "When I don't feel strong enough to be me, I created someone else" the superstar singer has said of wearing wigs. She has also been known to borrow wigs from Cher to create her different personas.

Lady Gaga womens lace front wig in Yellow

Kylie Jenner has received a lot of media attention lately in regards to her wig collection. Openly showing fans on her You Tube her huge collection of lace front wigs she uses to change up her look. The youngest of the Kardashian sisters to change her hair, Kylie creates her new looks with her range of lace front coloured wigs from blue to blonde.

Kylie Jenner lace front wig

Singer Beyonce is famous for wearing her stunning lace front wigs and is one of the first celebrities know to wear human hair wigs to create luscious long locks.

Beyonce Lace Front Wig

John Travolta has also been spotted wearing a mens hair piece, there has also been speculation over him having had hair transplants.

John Travolta Toupee mens hairpiece

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been pictured with a lace front wig mis-hap.

Naomi Campbell wig lace front

Celebrities love wigs too! So embrace your hair loss and change up your look with a range of beautiful human hair wigs or lace front wigs.

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