The first Australian boutique Wig and Hairpiece store opens on Sydney's lower north shore...

The Beautiful Hair Boutique is the very first of it's kind to open it's doors in Sydney, Australia. Bursting with beautiful human hair wigs, hairpieces and quality haircare products this hidden gem is a must visit if you are suffering from any form of medical related hair loss such as alopecia, have lost your hair as a result of chemotherapy, have hair thinning or simply want to re-create your own loo with a wig. You won't regret it, trust me!

What makes The BHB different? All of the hairpieces they provide are made from the very best quality human hair. Believe it or not, there are so many types of human hair available (and made into wigs) it is easy to get confused and purchase a wig or hairpiece that isn't the cream of the crop. At The BHB, they literally only have the best! And they guarantee it.

There are two grades of human hair available to purchase at their flagship salon located in Mosman, Sydney. The entry level wigs and hair pieces are made from a premium processed hair or you can go for the very very best hair available which is the 100% Virgin European Hair. The Europeans are known for their premium products and with hair this is absolutely no different.

Did you know there are certain regions in Europe that produce the finest most amazing hair? Well this is where the hair is sourced to make these masterpieces.

How do you know you are getting virgin hair? It may not be visible to the naked eye, but a professional hair dresser will absolutely be able to tell the difference and The BHB encourage this. In fact, they ask senior stylists all the time to make sure they deliver what is promised.

We asked The BHB owner about the hair "there are times when the hair just isn't up to standard, and we just straight up reject it. If I wouldn't be happy wearing it, then I refuse to sell it".

Purchasing a wig or hairpiece is a very personal thing, so with this should come a very personal experience. The trained hair specialists at the salon will help you every step of the way, from deciding which colour you would like to which base and hairline is right for you.

Whilst typical wig stores may nudge you into using their in-house stylists, the team at The Beautiful Hair Boutique are happy to work with your own hairdresser to make sure your piece is cut and coloured perfectly to suit you. They also work with a network of hairdressers nationwide, and have their own in-house senior stylist and colour technician as wig cutting and colouring has to be done right the first time. There is no going back!

"Ladies feel a sense of comfort and ease when they walk through our doors, and we want this journey to feel safe all the way, as this can be very very scary for so many of our clients".

The girls in there pride themselves on having a first class environment and this was very apparent when I popped in myself. From the burning scented candles, beautiful warm lighting to their cosy private showroom and they even have a selection of amazing tea's to make sure you soak up the experience.

"Our boutique is high end, and we want the customer to enjoy this experience. It isn't just about purchasing a wig, we aim to help women re-build their confidence and feel special with a piece that has been custom put together just for them".

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