How do I care for my new wig or hairpiece? Our Top 10 Tips!

So you have taken the plunge and purchased your very own human hair wig, congratulations! Even though The Beautiful Hair Boutique has the highest quality human hair wigs available for women, it is still super important that you look after your new mane with a little TLC so it can stay luscious and beautiful for as long as possible.

Here are our top 10 tips to care for your hair!

1. Salon quality stuff only please! We strongly recommend using only salon quality hair products that have been specifically designed to hydrate and treat our beautiful human hair wigs. When you purchase a wig or hairpiece from The BHB we recommend you use V&M salon quality products as this is what we use on the hair to keep it looking luscious and strong.

2. Wash your wig like a professional - How? Follow these easy steps:

- Take all the knots out first! Lay your wig down flat and detangle the hair with love using a soft bristle brush.

- Rinse the hair roots to ends in luke warm running water. This can be done in a sink or in the shower

- Shampoo the hair twice and then condition the wig

- Towel dry (gently please!)

- Leave the hair to dry a little before you start to brush, this give the root knots time to dry

Viola your hair is clean!

3. Feeling the need to straighten or curl your wig? That's ok, but lets just make sure you are using the correct tools. Our wigs are made from 100% Virgin European hair and premium precoloured Remy Human hair so stay clear of any tools that are too heavy on the heat, as we would hate for you to damage the hair. We recommend only professional salon quality that will protect the hair.

4. Choose the right brush and make sure you brush the hair at the end of every day. We recommend a soft bristle brush, that is flexible and wont't put extra pressure on the hair or pull it from the roots.

5. Store your hair away safely when you aren't using it. Did you know our Human Hair Wigs have feelings too? So we need to make sure your hair is safely stored so they will hold her style and also help them live a little longer. After all doesn't everyone want to live a little longer?

6. Wash the hair maxium every 2 weeks! We strongly recommend you wash your new hair weekly or maxium 2 weeks if you do not wear it often. The hair needs to stay hydrated which washing it will do.

7. Clean or wipe the inside of your wig caps to help avoid the build up of oils from the scalp between washes.

8. Avoid scratching the cap and the top of your wig. It can be tempting to scratch the wig if you feel an itch. This can cause little patches of hair loss if done repeatedly in the same area, so if you do feel the need, try to scratch underneath the cap directly onto the scalp. If you are in public, take a quick bathroom break.

9. We know it can be fun to play with your new hair but try not to pull the hair too much. We want your piece to last as long as possible so please be gentle.

10. Show it a little extra love when needed! Our Aussie sun is strong so it can lighten and dry out the hair over a period of time. If you need us to give it a wig spa makeover for a beautiful refresh we would love to help bring your hair back to life!

Lastly ladies, enjoy your wigs! Let them become a part of you and love them like they are your own hair.

Sarah xx

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