Introducing Crown Toppers... the next big thing in hair extensions for thinning hair!

So, your hair is falling out. Maybe it’s not as thick as it used to be and it’s breaking off in pieces, or you’re finding bald patches where they weren’t before?

The good news is....You're not alone!

If the first thought that enters your mind when you hear crown extensions is a toupee, ditch it and read on, because crown extensions and toppers are the next big thing in the hair extension industry.

Featured below is our gorgeous client Kate is wearing our 20" platinum blonde hair topper with custom shadow darker rooting, to allow a seamless transition from the crown topper to her own hair for the most natural look.

Crown toppers – also referred to as crown extensions, hair toppers or hair topettes – are hair pieces specifically designed for women suffering hair loss or thinning around the crown and top of their head.

Crown extensions help to cover the affected areas [from hair loss] and add volume to your natural hair, we blend your human hair topper to your very own hair to ensure the most natural look.

Like a full wig, crown toppers are made to recreate how a natural, full head of hair looks from the top, including a natural-looking part (which doesn’t have to be dead straight, because who actually manages to get their part straight anyway?!).

Crown toppers only mimic the ‘first layer’ of your natural hair, meaning unlike wigs, your real hair sits underneath and can be styled seamlessly with your topper to create a fuller look.

These hairpieces come in a wide range of colours, and can be cut, coloured and styled like natural hair. Wash it, straighten it, add beachy waves or wear it in a half-up messy bun – the options are endless.

Featured above is our 14" french top crown extension in a beautiful light brown balayage.

The thing no-one knows about female pattern baldness, hair loss or hair thinning is it’s so common. More than 55 percent of women will experience some degree of hair loss in their life. Except we keep it to ourselves. None of us like to talk about it – women aren’t allowed to get bald patches like men, right?

But women get hair loss, breakage and thinning too, and it carries an unjustified stigma and shame. We ask ourselves why our hair doesn’t look like the woman’s on the shampoo commercial or in the magazine, and if that makes us less feminine, less of a woman.

The answer is, it doesn’t. While there’s nothing wrong with having thinning hair or experiencing hair loss, there are options out there to help you feel comfortable and confident, if you want them.

One of these is crown extensions. The next big thing in hair extensions and we have you covered!

Remy Human Hair Topper, Crown Extension for thinning hair

The BHB is your #1 destination for crown extensions and we can find you the right piece to blend perfectly with your own hair.

Why wear Crown Extensions - also known as Hair Toppers?

  • The Multi-directional top part allow the topper to blend with your natural part

  • Lightweight French-Top - For the most natural look. The French top mimics a real scalp.

  • Can be attached with glue, double sided tape, micro link fusion and/or clips.

  • There are 5 comfortable clips sewn in that can be removed if not needed.

  • Available in Virgin European hair or our more affordable pre-coloured hair

  • Versatile- Can be worn at front hairline, crown or anywhere in between

Blonde Hair Topper

Featured above is our french top crown extension in a stunning ash blonde

Lace Hair Topper

Featured above is our french lace crown extension - the most lightweight topper

French Top Crown Extension

Featured above is our french top crown extension - designed to mimic a natural scalp

At The Beautiful Hair Boutique we offer complimentary hair topper consultations with one of our hair loss experts to help find you the perfect topper to match your natural hair and desired level of hair thickness, colour and style.

We carry an extensive range of hair topper colours in stock at our Sydney hair topper store salon.

To find out more and book your free hair topper consultation - click here

Sarah xx

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