How to wash your new human hair wig or topper. Our step by step guide to maintaining your hair.

Step one:

Take all the knots out first! Lay your wig down flat and detangle the hair with love using a soft bristle brush, starting with the nape and ends and working your way up. NB: Make sure you brush your wig daily to ensure knots don't build up at the nape or throughout the wig.

Step two:

Rinse the hair roots to ends in warm running water. This can be done in a sink or in the shower so long as the water is clean and running to make sure all shampoo and conditioner is properly rinsed throughout.

Step three:

Shampoo the hair twice and then condition the wig. We recommend using only salon quality products on your wig or topper. Unlike hair that grows out of the head it doesn't replenish itself so its important to use a shampoo that is hydrating and a conditioner that will continue to treat the hair. At The Beautiful Hair Boutique we maintain all of our wigs in store and clients wigs with the shampoo and conditioner range from The Earthy Minimalist.

Available to purchase in-store or online - click here.

shampoo for wigs
The Earthy Minimalist Shampoo and Conditioner collection - perfect for wigs and toppers!

Step four:

Towel dry (gently please!). After you wash your topper or wig we recommend to gently pat it dry with a towel to remove any excess water.

Step five:

Leave the hair to dry a little before you start to brush, this give the root knots time to dry and avoid putting extra pressure on these delicate hairs whilst wet.

When brushing, be sure to use a soft bristle brush. We recommend the Wet Brush as the bristles are soft and flexible to use on the wigs and toppers. Available to purchase in store or online - click here

hair brush for wigs and crown toppers
Wet Brush used for brushing wigs and hair toppers.

Step six:

Allow the hair to dry to approximately 80-90% before styling with a hair dryer. If using heat tools, we recommend using a salon quality heat protectant prior to heating the hair.

If you would prefer to air dry your wig or topper, pop this on a wig stand, brush the hair back (so it doesn't fall forward on your face) and with the hair parted in the correct direction while it dries off completely and viola it's ready to wear!

If you are still feeling a little unsure on how to wash your new hair, or you would prefer to have your hair maintained by one of our wig professional stylists, book in for a wash, treatment and blow dry and we will happily take care of everything for you.

real human hair wig blow dry
One of our clients beautiful wigs post wash and blow dry at The Beautiful Hair Boutique

We offer full hair dressing services Monday - Saturday at The Beautiful Hair Boutique.

To book your wig or topper in for a treatment phone 0431 110 220 or email

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